Research Paper Outline Guide For Students

At a certain moment of studies, every student gets a task to write a research essay. It is a particular kind of knowledge assessment that involves several stages. The final grade is given to the student after the teacher reads his research paper. Many things are taken into consideration, like the topic, general idea, research depth, logical conclusions, grammar and spelling, the structure of the narration, etc.
These are all the markers that allow teachers to evaluate student’s knowledge and effort. So, to get an excellent grade, the student needs to pay attention to lots of things.
How not to forget something, not to let something down? The best way not to miss something important is to create a research paper outline, which allows you to make a project of all your actions.

What is an essay outline?

Preparing a decent research paper is a complex procedure, it always includes many actions. The outline is a combination of idea concept and action plan. Before starting to work on your research paper, you create a model of your essay and write a detailed list of things you need to do to have it written.

Ten steps that every outline should contain

Below is a list of things you need to take care of to prepare your final paper. If you already have a topic, jump to step two.

    1. Find a topic. Sometimes students receive ready topics for their essays or research articles. Teachers demand to discover a certain theme, which is usually connected with the subject of the course.
      But sometimes students are allowed to pick a topic they like. If that is your case, try thinking about the subject of the course and find some interesting detail or fact that you would like to know more about yourself.
    2. Write a list of statements and issues you want to address in your essay. There can be several major and few smaller issues. You have to keep in mind that if you are supposed to write a short essay, there should not be more than 3-5 questions.
    3. Make a draught of your future research paper structure. Usually, an essay consists of three parts, which can be called Making a Statement, Presenting Facts, Making a Conclusion. These major parts are a logical structure of any research report, whether it’s a school essay or a scientific discovery report.
    4. Think of information sources you have to investigate. Find a list of books to read, look for suitable articles on different websites and print them out. Think of some specialists you could talk to – they could give you some practical information.
    5. Make a schedule. It is a paramount step because without time management you can miss your deadline. Create a calendar of data collection, writing, reading, correcting, etc., as the schedule is a big and decisive part of any research paper outline.These five stages have to be done before you start working on your essay. Following ones are taken after you begin your research.
    6. Start working with your information sources. Make notes, collect quotations, facts, interviews.
    7. Sort all the facts in a logical consequence and make sure they prove your primary statement.
    8. Start writing your essay. Begin with the Body, or Presenting Facts part and then create the Conclusion, and in the end, write your Making a Statement part.
    9. Read your essay several times and correct all the mistakes. Then ask someone to proof-read it for you and see if they find any errors. Check if your article answers all the teacher’s requirements.
    10. Print a clean copy of your essay. Read this text once again and if everything is perfect, pass it to your teacher and wait for an excellent grade!

An outline is a very important part of working on any paper. Don’t ignore these preparations – they will pay you back with a proper assessment and respect from your teacher!